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  • Looking for new Adventure ideas 49, S,W, Gentleman from the PA area, looking to make new friendships and to hear new and interesting ideas in adventures.
  • Looking to make new friends Hello all, Thank you for letting me join the group. I am a 49, 5'9", stocky, but solid build, S,W,Gentleman. I am looking to meet new folks and develop a friendship. I am interested in learning about the Asian culture.
  • Bald head Traveler 49 y.o., white male, travels for work all over the US. Looking to meet a female friend who enjoys a great friend with a bald head...

  • Private Site
    Private Site
  • Prodical Son Returns 49 Christian male seeking new friendships in this life long journey. I am not perfect, yet I am striving to get closer to our Lord. Looking to meet folks who love Jesus.
  • Harley Rider Seeking Riding Companions 49, SWM from Maryland. Interested in making new friendships in the riding community.
  • 46 S W Christian Gentleman Seeks Friendships Hello all, I'm 49, SW Christian Gentleman from the Maryland area. I am looking to make a new friendship and see where it may lead. I do travel the US every week for work, so distance is not an issue.
  • Seeking Clowning Frindships I am very interested in learning the different aspects of clowning. I can do a few basic balloon animals, have tinkered around with a little pocket magic, but wish to learn more. I have been presented with a couple new opportunities where clowning skills will come in handy, and I am looking for folks who would be willing to teach.
  • Want Coffee, Need Coffee, Drink Coffee Where's the I.V. of I enjoy a cup of just coffee flavored coffee. Hoping to learn from "real" coffee drinkers about the different types, flavors, etc. I want to know more about coffee.
  • Slower Pace, Friendlier Folks...whats not to like? Grew up in the city, but a country boy at heart. Would like to meet other folks who enjoy the Country lifestyle. Slower pace, better music, home cooking. I enjoy it, I know there are others that do. Also looking to learn the art and science of freezing and canning foods.
  • Greetings to all Hello to all. I am very interested in taking that first cruise. Looking for experienced folks who can offer some insight on getting the best experience from the cruising "lifestyle". looking to make new friends as well.
  • 2 Left feet looking to learn Used to Country line dance a number of years ago. Would love to learn different types of dancing.
  • Loves to cook Hello all, Looking to meet folks and make new friendships. 49, S,W,Gentleman who enjoys cooking and loves to learn new tips, techniques, recipes.
  • Greetings to all Looking to make new friends and to learn how to be more Frugal. I made some money mistakes earlier in life and have somewhat turned things around, but there is always new ways and ideas to learn.
  • Novice looking to learn Hello all, I grew up with parents who used to have small veggie gardens. Growing up, I didn't learn as much as I should have about gardening. I am wanting to learn how to prep, plant, keep, harvest a garden as well as how to freeze and can these foods.
  • 2nd Amendment Lover Greetings all, Looking to learn about the different types of guns, shooting techniques, different types of ammo for different purposes etc.
  • Halloween Lover seeks... I love this time of year and all that goes with it. Haunted houses, the great and the sexy costumes, ghost walks and stories, hay rides, cooler weather. Looking to meet like minded folks.
  • Interracial Lover seeking.... Greetings to all. I am a 49y.o. White male and have a very soft spot for wondrous women of color. I travel all over the US for work, so do not let distance be an issue. would love to make friends and build upon that.
  • Looking to meet... 49, SW Gentleman from PA. Looking to meet folks who will share their heritage. I would love to learn more about the land, the people, the culture and I would love to learn to speak the language. Interested in teaching? Lets grab a few treat.
  • BHM admires BBWs Hello all, 49, S, W, Gentleman looking to make new friendships and to find that special someone who has like interests. I have a wide array of interests, so I am sure we can find things to talk about. I currently reside in PA. but I travel the US every week for work, so don't let distance be an issue.
  • Novice seeking teacher Greetings all. I am currently presented with a couple opportunities where magic, clowning, balloon animal skills would come in handy. Looking to perform these skills at work ( I work for an airline) as well as doing things for children in hospitals. Ok, maybe not limited to just the I just joined the Shriners and our big charity is the Shriners Hospitals for the kids. If you are willing to teach, I'd love to learn.
  • Md Masseur Seeking Friendships Hello all, I'm a 49, straight, SWM in Northern Baltimore County. Looking to meet folks and develop new friendships. I like the outdoors and riding my Harley. I am a Certified Massage Practitioner as well as working for one of the airlines. If you would like to know more, feel free to ask.
  • New Business Entrepreneur Hello all, I have recently started a new business venture, and I am looking to meet, speak with, surround myself with successful people. If you would be willing to share some insights on what you do to be successful, I am more than willing to listen and learn from you. I know nothing comes for free, so if you are withing my travel distance, I would be willing to shadow you and possible work for you for free to learn from you.
  • Does Music cure the Savage Soul? I think so. I love all types of music. Would like to meet people in my area that would be willing to teach me how to play different types of instruments. I have a couple instruments , and have interests in a few more, that I'd love to learn how to play.
  • Tenderfoot looking to learn Hello all, I have some Cherokee in me from my mothers side. I would love to learn more about the Native American people, music, food, medicine, culture in general.
  • Practitioner seeking... Looking to make new acquaintances.

  • Private Site
    Private Site
  • Magical Hands Masseur Hello all, Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my profile. I'm 49, S,W, Gentleman. 5'9", brown hair, blue eyes, stocky, but solid build. I enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, swimming, star gazing, the beach, riding my motorcycle, cooking. Enjoy most types of music, movies, food. Looking to meet someone that has similar interests. Aside from being a Certified Massage Practitioner, I work for one of the airlines and travel the US every week, so don't let distance be an issue. I have a wide array of interests, way too many to list here, feel free to ask. Any brownie points for being a Massage Practitioner? lol
  • New to Pa Just moved to Pa. looking to meet new friends in the Lancaster/York areas.
  • Crew Member looking fer a boat... I would enjoy learning more about pirates, there lifestyle..etc. Recently learned something about you know why they wore an eye patch?
  • Hello All I am a 49, SWGentleman, 5'9", Stocky build, completely D/D FREE, pic available upon request. I am a Certified Massage Practitioner (if that gets me any brownie, I also work for one of the Airlines and travel the US weekly, so don't let distance be an issue. I am easy going, non pushy, non judge mental. Interested in making new friendships and learning more about the poly lifestyle.
  • New Business Owner Seeking Greetings all, Started a part time business. Planning on making it a full time profession. Would love to surround myself with other professionals. I just finished a Real Estate Investing course here in Maryland. Would love to meet folks in any part of the real estate field.....but I am not limiting friends just to the real estate. Everyone has something to teach, and I am a willing student.
  • Kudos to all Hello all, I am sorry I didn't learn more about politics at a younger age. I don't feel I know enough to get into debates with all the democrats I work with. Would love to make new acquaintances who could explain or tell me where to find information on the finer details of how the Gov't works...well, supposed to work
  • Hello to all Greetings all. I am a 49, SWGentleman, 5'9", stocky build, D/D Free, Certified Massage Practitioner, pics available upon request. In addition to being a Massage Practitioner, I also work for one of the Airlines and travel the US weekly, so don't let distance be an issue. Looking to learn new ideas for being romantic. I used to be more romantic, but am a but rusty. I do tinker around with poetry and would enjoy brushing up on those skills. Ladies who would like to give me their time and some ideas, I would love to hear from ya.
  • Shy SWGentleman seeking a friendship Shy until I get to know someone. Once I warm up to ya, I am a fun person to be around. Looking for ways to break out of this nagging shell. Any ideas?
  • Greeting to all. I am a 49, SWGentlaman, who is a Certified Massage Practitioner and also works for one of the airlines and travels the US every week. Looking to make new friendships and maybe a lunch or dinner friend in those cities we fly to. I would love to learn more about the history of the places we go. I know there is more to the US then I know of, and looking to see those things.

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